Centurion American // Collin Creek Early Renders

We’re thrilled to have Centurion American as an ongoing client. They’re doing an impressive amount of quality development in the DFW area and we’re so excited to join up with them to market their projects. The Collin Creek development is a project that we’re creating content for on an ongoing basis. Below is the first video we created as an initial plan pitch for investors. The video features conceptual renderings from Bush Architects of the proposed project, helping investors get a sense of the development’s aesthetic and scale. We enjoy creating videos like this that are fun to make and watch, but also serve an important utilitarian purpose for the client. In this case, it was ensuring that this impressive project plan was well conveyed and would draw investors in, bringing about excitement for the project. The video served a second purpose of helping garner support for the project from the Plano, TX community where it is located.