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About Us

We are Sidekick.

We are a group of creatives on a mission to help businesses define and promote their brand identity, starting in our hometown of Waco, Texas. Although we love to team up with clients throughout Texas, Waco is close to our hearts, too. Our mission is to help businesses appear as great as they are. Every day we watch business leaders struggle to do it all – run the business, give strategic vision for the future, manage personnel, create sales and marketing campaigns – the list goes on and on. It becomes impossible to grow a business when the person leading the organization is trying to do everything all alone. At Sidekick, we love stepping in to alleviate the burden from business owners or marketing directors to free them up to do what they do best – run the business. Sidekick is made up of content creators and brand managers who love being handed the keys to your most valuable possession to treat it as our own. We are a customer service company through and through. Our mission is to set the record straight – creatives aren’t hard to work with. We want you to love working with us – and we’re confident you will.
Sidekick Creative Agency | Marketing Agency

…it becomes impossible to grow as a business when the leader is doing it all.

We work at our best whenever we partner with you for the long haul. Almost all of our clients operate on what we call our Subscription Program (while we also love partnering with clients on a one-time project basis). This program is more than just a one time project or one time interaction – it’s Sidekick linking up with our clients to join as one team. Your goals are suddenly our goals – when you succeed, we succeed. It’s a win/win for both of us. You can find out more about our model and Subscription Program below. We bring up our Subscription Program when we’re talking about who we are because it’s central to what makes us unique – it’s how we operate best. When we retain an on-going relationship with our clients, we will both be better for it in the long run. We don’t want the quick cash, we’re not going to nickel and dime you – Sidekick wants to earn your business again and again because you love working with us. That’s why our Subscription Program operates on no term contracts – ever. You can read more about our Subscription program here.

The “Do It Yourself” Model

Many business owners or leaders try to manage branding and marketing themselves. Sometimes, they’re great at it! But the reality is that individuals in these roles just don’t have time for all the back and forth, communication, scheduling, creating, and strategy that goes into managing branding and marketing themselves. Business leaders have better things to do than going back and forth with photographers and videographers, learning the latest social media platform, writing content, and designing compelling presentation slides — they’re running the business!

The Sidekick Model

We work best when you trust us enough to hand us the keys. This allows us to provide you with peace of mind and free up your brain to do the thing you’re best at – running your business. We take care of your brand management and content creation, so you don’t have to. We learn about the heart beat of your business, and then ensure that it’s communicated consistently throughout each of your platforms. We help develop, plan, and strategize with you. Then, instead of you having to be the middle man for projects, we manage and create everything for you.

Relax. Your Sidekick is here.

Monthly Subscriptions

We do increasingly better work as we learn your business – that’s why we love when clients use our subscription program. We manage everything you want to hand us, but with no contracts that lock you in. We work hard to prove our ongoing value to your business.

Our Services

We are a brand management and content creation agency that provides a range of services to help your business thrive. When you hire Sidekick, you’re not just hiring one person — you’re hiring the resources of an entire creative agency. Read more about what we can offer your business and take off your plate.

Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of talented individuals who love what they do and enjoy working with people. Even more than creating good work, we value our customer being thrilled with the work we create with them. Learn more about the team you collaborate with when you hire Sidekick.